Dr. Wheatgrass Supershots

Dr.Wheatgrass® Wheatgrass SuperShots contain a natural, specially formulated antioxidant-rich extract derived from naturally grown fresh wheatgrass sprouts. They include numerous biological actives that have the power to restore and maintain energy and stamina, and to boost the immune system.
Supershots (150ml)
  • Pure, concentrated natural antioxidants - three times more than fresh wheatgrass juice!
  • Less than HALF THE PRICE of fresh wheatgrass juice - under one dollar a day!
  • A whole month's supply in one small bottle
  • Amazingly convenient - have your wheatgrass shot anywhere, any time. No refrigeration required
  • Ideal for travelers, shift-workers, mums, kids, the elderly - or anyone
  • Tasty! - tangy citrus flavour with no wheatgrass odor or taste
  • Long life - at least two years
  • Natural - extracted from fresh, naturally grown wheatgrass sprouts
  • Gluten free
  • Safe - suitable for children, the elderly and infirm, during pregnancy, breast feeding and if trying to conceive.
  • Quality-controlled by state-of-the-art human genome technology

The world's first and only stabilized liquid wheatgrass for oral consumption. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !

Dr. Wheatgrass Supershots contain more than Three times the antioxidant levels of fresh wheatgrass juice. Just one 5ml shot a day is all you need to enhance and maintain your health and wellbeing!

It comes in a bottle. It lasts up to two years. It is economical ....and it tastes good!

The brainchild of the world's leading wheatgrass therapist, Australia's own Dr. Chris Reynolds, these Supershots will revolutionize the way the world takes wheatgrass.

Common Questions about Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots

What is in Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots?

Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots contain a natural, specially formulated antioxidant-rich extract derived from naturally grown fresh wheatgrass sprouts. It also contains a small amount of pleasant tasting essential oil so that the wheatgrass taste, which is not well tolerated by many, can not be detected.

How is the extract derived?

The extract is derived from freshly cut wheatgrass sprouts by our secret 'Shirusei' process, under strictly controlled conditions. This process 'stabilizes' the extract, which in turn enables a long (at least two years) shelf life.

How does Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots differ from fresh wheatgrass juice?

The main difference is the long shelf life - at least two years. Fresh wheatgrass juice only lasts a few days under refrigerated conditions. Because scientific research has shown that green chlorophyll has virtually no biological function in the human body, we have omitted the chlorophyll from our product.

Why do Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots work?

Wheatgrass has been used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. In the 1930's, scientists discovered a 'Grass Juice Factor' in wheatgrass that dramatically increased growth and fertility rates. These effects were attributed to the numerous health-giving nutrients that wheatgrass contains. However, recent research shows that it is most likely the 'Grass Juice Factor' that provides the energy and immunity boost so many people enjoy when taking wheatgrass. The 'Grass Juice Factor' is vital and durable, which is why Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots can last up to two years.

Why is it orange and not green?

Our extract is a deep, clear, brown liquid, not unlike a well fermented wine. During production of Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots, a touch of natural mandarin flavour is added, which gives the finished product an orange hue. This does not in any way affect its efficacy.

Why does it taste so different to fresh wheatgrass juice?

Many find both the smell and taste of fresh wheatgrass juice unpleasant, and often difficult to drink without feeling nauseous. We have found a way to eliminate the taste and odor by adding a mild flavour to the extract so that the wheatgrass itself cannot be detected.

How effective is Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots?

Effectiveness varies from one person to another, but in time one can expect to enjoy increased energy and improved immunity.

Who will benefit from consuming Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots?

Everyone will benefit by having a stronger immune system which in turn helps to ward off illness and disease. You can also expect increased energy and stamina, clearer mental focus, fewer colds and better weight control.

How much should I drink?

5 mls (one capful) a day for an adult and half that amount for children.

Can you take too much?

You can take too much of anything really, and Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots is no exception. Some people may develop mild diarrhea, which can also happen taking fresh wheatgrass juice. It is best to keep to the recommended dosage, although in times of illness, this can readily be doubled.

What are the storage requirements?

Room temperature is all that is required. Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots is very stable, but is best kept out of direct sunlight.

Why does it have such a long shelf life?

Because of the way the extract is produced, stability is maintained throughout the process which leads to a long shelf life of at least two years.

Doesn't wheatgrass have to be consumed fresh in order to maximize the nutritional benefits?

It depends on how you look at it. Mostly, the health-giving properties of wheatgrass juice are attributed to its nutritional properties and chlorophyll. However, without understating the nutritional benefits, our view is completely different. We have made the discovery that chlorophyll has no biological activity in humans, and that it is most likely the 'Grass Juice Factor', yet to be identified, that somehow boosts the body's immunity and provides healing and health benefits. This 'Grass Juice Factor' is vital and durable, which is why Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots can last up to two years. Try it for yourself and see!

Does it deliver the same health benefits as fresh wheatgrass juice?

Yes, but for different reasons that have already been mentioned above. We believe the most important component in wheatgrass is the 'Grass Juice Factor'. This molecule, or group of molecules, appears to have the power to significantly boost the body's immunity, thereby facilitating its ability to heal itself.

Is it safe to take in pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

Yes. Wheatgrass sprouts generate the wheat that is used for making one of our most important staple foods, bread. In other words, it is essentially a food, but instead of the goodness being 'baked out', all the essential components remain to help you attain and maintain better health. It is also safe for children and the elderly.


 Improved immunity, energy and stamina.


Adults - 5mls per day (1 cap) Children under 12, 2.5mls per day (1/2 cap) Retain in mouth for a minute or two before swallowing.


Triticum vulgare/aestivum (wheat) sprout extract, purified water, fructose, glycerol, citrus aurantium amara extract. Gluten free.
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